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A large application example with AngularJS ( >=v.1.3)

Ugly preface Skip the bullshit below if you’re in a hurry… There are loads of tutorials now for any version of AngularJS starting from version 1.0.x walking you step-by-step through the process of creating a Single Page Application. Even I got the idea… The guys behind Angular have the habit of the “breaking changes”, introducing some […]


Work motivation, a follow up

This is my second pile of thoughts and experiments on myself on “Self-motivation at work”. The first part you can see here. These here are primarily thoughts, so excuse me if they’re partially unstructured. I’m posting this article about an year after my initial thoughts on the subject and I have some major experience to […]


Publishing Android App in Google Play. Things to know ahead!

Publishing an Android app in the Google Play, is a trivial task. There are, though, several small things that you should bare in mind before you start doing that. These small things, if neglected, might fail your, otherwise smooth experience with Google Play. Kind of free Firstly, to publish an app you need Google Developer […]


Self motivation issues at work

Lets have an honest star! I am lazy! Belive me. Sometimes I’m so lazy, that I get even bored of staying in bed. I have my moments where I’m eager to code and I’m so much enthusiastic, but sometimes I just want to die. What does it all have to do with work? Well, everything! You […]


Flexible development environment with VirtualBox

While I do mostly WEB development I sometimes need an Android environment to play around with. Moreover development is a hobby for me, so I have environments on my workplace, on my home desktop and even on my laptop, which is kind of tricky to support. Imagine what could cause you a single renstallation of […]


PHP IDE: NetBeans vs. Eclise; // The battle for Middle Earth

A little preface… I was doing PHP for about 9 years, until I switched to JAVA last year for a breath of fresh air. I was just curious how they do things… So generally I was writing crappy code for a pretty long time. I switched between tons of IDEs, cursed and sweared most of […]


A second Hello world!

Hi all! This really is a hello world post. I started this to share my web passions and to comment on things I come upon while digging the web development crap around. This is not really my 1st blog so far. Once upon the time there was another blog of mine here, but it went […]