Self motivation issues at work

Lets have an honest star!
I am lazy!

Belive me. Sometimes I’m so lazy, that I get even bored of staying in bed. I have my moments where I’m eager to code and I’m so much enthusiastic, but sometimes I just want to die.

What does it all have to do with work? Well, everything!
You spend more hours at your working place than you do awake at home, so you should do something meaningful while there. Of course you’ve got those days that you just want it to go away. But as in general you want to be doing SOMETHING. Sometimes there’s that boring stuff to do, sometimes there’s something interesting to do but either you aren’t in the mood, or there’s something else buzzing your mind that distracts you from your main goals.

So how to deal with it?

Self-motivation is one of the hardest quests ever. It is hard because YOU have to make YOURSELF do somethig “BORING” instead of the thing YOU’D LIKE! It’s literally the task to pull yourself out of the water by your hair!

It’s always those games on the net, it’s always that more interesting task in the queue, that you’d rather do, instead of that boring stuff. If there’s something you don’t fancy and there is nothing else to do, you MAKE something UP! That’s the problem of your mind.

One of the things that could motivate you is your environment. If you go with the “nerds” in your office, rather with the cool guys that are in the office just to cover the working hours, you have a better chance of finding yourself into a motivating environment. If most of the people around you talk about work, and how they delt with “that boring task” and how they had time for some research, then pretty soon you’ll find yourself trying to do the stupid stuff faster so that you can compete with the others. That’s natural! And vice versa: if you spend most of your breaks with the shiny guys that talk about cars, and houses, and going out, and surfing… you find yourself going to work for the sallary, waiting the day go by. No general interest in the work done. No enthusiasm for any extra effort.

Of course balance is everything. Read articles and comment with other people, but do not spend too much time on it. Make it happen naturally.

One of the best ways to make your environment comfortable for work is actually to make it look less like work. That’s the big thing here. Noone likes work. But if you make your office shiny. If you get the habbit of having a beer with the colegues at lunch. You may be even organize a tech friday or so, you’ll have so much other things to do, aside of your real work, that you start enjoying all your stay at the office and the boring stuff gets just a small insignifficant part of the day. As you spend time with the things you like best, you’ll find recognition for the things you do and things will go better.

In general, make yourself feel like you’re not working and you’ll get all done 🙂

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