Work motivation, a follow up

This is my second pile of thoughts and experiments on myself on “Self-motivation at work”. The first part you can see here. These here are primarily thoughts, so excuse me if they’re partially unstructured.

I’m posting this article about an year after my initial thoughts on the subject and I have some major experience to describe. I have some great success on making myself actually want to work. Partially due to external factors, partially because of partial improvement on myself.

Change in the environment: a new Job

Since the last post on the self motivation topic went out, there are a lot of things that changed. I moved to a new job, where I was immediately dragged into developing quickly a ‘Proof of Concept’ integration with a 3rd party API to base a web platform on. It gave me a very good start as it’s always cool to research stuff. Afterwards I was moved again to a new project to actually build a platform based on that API. It was in a hurry (of course), and despite the fact we have to rewrite a part of the system twice and that everything got postponed with 3 months, we released that project. I got sucked into the project by myself literally for the first time in years. I have somehow managed to make my project interesting to me. I was working in an area where I knew what I did, so I felt relatively self-confident. Although I’ve never dealt with mobile development I had the chance to test myself into ‘something new’ with a relatively low chance of failure and that worked for me. I managed to show to myself that ‘Aaah, that’s nothing’.

Recognition as a boost

I was happy! I was actually so happy doing that project, that I’ve actually taken ownership over the project, without it being my duty and with another 2 guys we closed the project. I’m a relatively good talker and I tend to see what people mean so I managed to save some nerves to my team-mates, by taking some of the Project Managers’ communication pressure from them. Everyone was so proud of what we did, and me? You can guess…The appreciation of my colleagues and all the managers filled me with what is actually the final goal – self-confidence. This is actually some of the most important things. When you know that you can dig into anything and bring it to live, you start looking for challenges. As a proof – I’m now a Team Lead on other prjoects. In the same company

Stay after work.

No seriously! Do it! You’ll like it.
I’m one of that sort of guys that can spend half the day at work doing nothing and I can get the ‘muse’ of coding just about an hour before I have to leave. What should I do? The simplest choice is actually to try to do what you can for the time remaining and then you hit the road. But if you’ve ‘gained some momentum’ for the last couple of months and you knowing yourself being hard to get together, isn’t it a better choice to just stay another hour or two to use the boost you have a the moment? Finally, you never know when will be the next time you’ll be eager to code, so just use it. Stay after work and do some good work for free. Yes for free! Because one of the good things that you can do for yourself and your motivation to work is actually to be able to sit down at the end of the week and say frankly to yourself – OK, I’ve done a good job here!

Let yourself be lazy.

You need to rest. Your brain knows how to do it so just observe yourself and adopt 🙂 If you know that you’ve given everything from yourself, utilizing your good moments, you can actually let your brain relax the rest of the time. Exactly the moment when you just stroll around the office like a ghost! They are so important, because then your brain is preparing for some hard work. A good relax is actually the one that can get you bored to death. It gets you to the point where you can die if you don’t start doing anything.

One thing that I’ve noticed and experimented with is the sleep. Whatever people say, if you don’t sleep enough, you can’t do almost nothing of the above. I recognize a good sleep, by the fact, that I star waking up with or just before the clock. Then you have your battery charged to 100%, and you can have a really productive day.

Please, share your thoughts and have a really nice day.

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